GEC Account

GEC Account

here is your User Area! Now you have a place to archive your Outdoor experience and exchange them with the Terra Map App.
You can record a GPS track, create Markers and shot Photos with your App and then send the whole to your GEC Account.
From the GEC Account you will be able to organize, manage and relive all your experience.
Not only, from your Account you will be able to draw a new Itinerary planning your next trip: drawing routes, adding markers and copying features from other archives, etc.. Then recall the new Itinerary from your App to be followed while on the trail.
You need to free space on your smartphone? No problem, if you archived your files on the GEC Account you can recall them on the App anytime.

Register and Login to your GEC account

Register your GEC Account to enable all the below described functionalities.
NOTE: We are not responsible for any damage may be caused by using this tool. By using our websites, products, services you agree to the below Terms of Use, please read them carefully before proceeding.
Terms of Use


Once logged-in your Archive will be displayed. From this page you can:
Press this icon to upload a new file (KMZ, KML or GPX formats) in your archive. Files can contain Markers, Photos, Routes and Tracks. Duplicated filename are not allowed. File Rename from the archive is not possible.
Press this icon to create a new folder in your archive. You will be able to move your files into a folder as well as create subfolders. NOTE: files and subfolders, within a folder, will be automatically ordered alphabetically. So you cannot manually order your files/folders. Double click on a folder name in the list to rename it.
Press this icon to remove a selected file from your archive. To select a file to remove please check the box on the right. If you check a folder box then all its childrens will be selected. Be careful when you use this function, as the file will be permanently removed.
Create a new Itinerary in your archive, check here for more detailed info.

Recall your experience

Selecting one of your archived files the system will overlay it on the map.
Here you will access all the information present in the file including track statistics, markers, photos and routes, if available.
View altitude and speed graphs and relive the entire experience recalling all the pictures and their location when you were on the trail.
From this view you will be able to:

press this icon to download this file on your PC.

press these icons to share this file on the major social networks.

Create a new Itinerary

The side image itself should explain all the available functions, but here below we will try to describe them more in detail.
A new Itinerary means a collection of Tracks, Markers, Routes and Photos to be stored into a single file. This file will be generated by the system and archived in your User Area with the name you defined (remember no duplication are allowed, so the system will ask you to change the name in case it is already used in your archive).
Once the file is saved you will then be able to download it, share on the major socials or load into your Terra Map ("Import from your Account").

From this view you can perform all below activities, once a button is pressed it will turn to "orange" and the function will be active until you press it again or press another button:

Add a new marker on the screen. Once you added a new Marker you will be able to assign a name and a description. You can change them anytime until you will save the current new itinerary.
Digitize a new Tour on the screen. Click on the map to place the next Tour's waypoint (this will be represented by an icon showing a progressive numbering, the distance from the previous waypoint, the total distance and the kompass angle from the previous waypoint). Double click on the map to place the last waypoint and close the Tour. Once you added the new Tour you will be able to assign a name and a description. You can change them anytime until you will save the current new itinerary.
Using this tool you will be able to change the Markers and Tours position (also adding new intermediate waypoint). Select the object and drag it to change position.
Pressing this icon you will enter the "Split" functionality. This can be used to split a linear feature (Track or Tour) into two separate objects. First select the feature you would split, then draw a splitting line (double click to close the splitting line). Once the splitting line is closed then all intersecting feature (same type of the selected one) will be splitted along it.

This tool will permit to copy features (Markers, Photos, Tracks or Tours) from other archived files. Select your archived file, once selected it will be loaded on the map, a new smaller map will be opened on the upper right corner to show the content of your new itinerary. At this point you can select objects from the main map and they will be transferred into your new itinerary (and displayed on the smaller map). If you click the second time the same feature then it will be removed from your new itinerary.
Pressing this button you will be able to delete any object of your new itinerary. There is not an Undo function, so be careful while removing objects.
This button can be used to load any GPS file from your PC (KMZ, KML or GPX formats). All the features present in the uploaded file will be automatically added to your new itinerary.
Save, store in your archive and close the editing session of your Itinerary.

In general a new itinerary can be modified only until you Save it. You can modify name and description of all its items, but remember that duplicated names are not allowed for items of the same type (Marker, Tour, Track), so the system might automatically rename them when you propose a duplicated name.

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