Italy Tracks

Today you can load any GPS tracks (KML, KMZ or GPX format) in Terra Map.


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Sentieri d'Italia
Italia Abruzzo Valle d'Aosta Lombardia Marche Piemonte Liguria Umbria Toscana Emilia Romagna Veneto Lazio Trentino Alto Adige Friuli Venezia Giulia Molise Puglia Campania Basilicata Calabria Sicilia Sardegna

Find here some Websites you can download FREE GPS Tracks in KMZ, KML or GPX format from.

Download any KML, KMZ or GPX track file (only KML, KMZ, GPX and ZIP file extensions will be accepted) within your Terra Map app.

Browse this page directly from your smartphone, select the GPS track file and open it with Terra Map.

Or download the file on your PC and send it as an attachment to your email, then open the attachment from your smartphone with Terra Map.


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